Casa del Mar is immersed in the middle of a tropical forest, on the bank of the unique coasts of Mexico’s Pacific Ocean.
Only 7 miles away from the picturesque town of Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca.

Puerto is famous for its beaches, its internationally recognized surfing competition (one of the 10th best surfing destinations in the world), its fabulous weather and warm ocean waters year-round, and as one of the last places to vacation along Mexico's coast where you can find isolation, no large resorts and no over-crowded beaches.

Instead you will find laid back people from all over the world enjoying the waves, many good local restaurants, bars, fantastic sunsets and many other activities like, mountain biking, whale watching, fishing, etc. From Casa del Mar you can walk on the wide, flat, sandy beaches right in front of the villa for many miles in either direction, and in most cases, you won’t even see any other people.

Puerto Escondido ("Hidden Port" in Spanish) is just that, a hidden treasure untouched by mega-chains of hotels. Come discover it yourself.

There are three main beaches in Puerto Escondido, Playa Principal, Playa Marinero and Zicatela and several other smaller beaches to the west.Playa Principal is the more centrally-located beach. Parallelling the beach is Avenida Perez Gasga, a pedestrian-only street known as the Adoquin. The Andandor Escondido Sea Walk begins at Playa Principal and winds westward along rocky oceanside cliffs. About 2 blocks up the hill from the Adoquin is coastal highway 200 and on the other side of that is the downtown business district where you can find banks, the mercado, etc.

East of Playa Principal is Playa Marinero followed by Playa Zicatela, a long straight beach on the east side of the bay and can be seen from Playa Principal. Zicatela is where the strong waves are that make Puerto Escondido a world class surfing destination.

West of Playa Principal are the smaller, isolated beaches, Playa Manzanillo, Puerto Angelito, Playa Carrizalillo, and Playa Coral. The mostly residential neighborhoods in this area are popular with the expatriate population and center around the Rinconada, a divided boulevard with a number of restaurants and shops. West of Puerto Escondido, the coastline gives way to the long straight beach of Playa Bacocho.